A proof of stake, globally distributed, decentralized layer 1 blockchain.


The TAO blockchain will be run using a lightly modified versions of the execution and consensus clients used by Ethereum.

Globally Distributed

There will be six official RPC endpoints, hosted across three continents at launch. Committed validator operators have been recruited to provide these official endpoints.


At the start some aspects of the project will be centralized, however as a proof of stake chain, those with a stake in the success of the chain will be able to participate in consensus and execution.


By launching an ERC-20 token and bridging from Ethereum to TAO, we have created a market for the native token of the TAO chain prior to the launch of the chain itself. This will ensure DeFi projects are developing against a liquid asset. This will also allow us to publish a "TVL" relative to the WETH-BANKOFTAO market.

Batteries Included

There are some basic smart contract capacities that should be low cost/no cost on any new EVM chain. Uniswap style Swap, Token Locker, Standard ERC-20 generator, and more. TAO will provide these basic building blocks at no cost (beyond gas for usage).


This project will launch with numerous third-party integrations (Block explorer, Token Charts, etc.). The team will pursue all necessary integrations to make TAO a world-class layer 1 blockchain usability experience.